The DG Coupler

Now you can hold a heading with your wing-leveler!

Will the DG Coupler work with any autopilot?

No. It works only with the Naviad Devices AP-1, and then only with some modification to the autopilot. All the materials and instructions on what to do are included in the DG Coupler kit.
Here's a link to the modification instructions.

What is the DG Coupler?

It's a small box that connects to your directional gyro (DG) and makes a signal that is compatible with the Navaid AP-1tracking input. Your AP-1 can now track a DG as well as a VOR by using the DG Coupler.

What kind of DG do I need?

There are two models of DG Couplers. One connects to a 52D54 autopilot directional gyro and the other connects to a King NSD-360A. The 52D54 gyro is an air-driven DG with a heading bug. It has an autopilot pickoff that operates at 5000 Hz. Century Instruments, Wichita, Kansas has 52D54 gyros rebuilt outright. The NSD-360A uses a different system, but the DG Coupler will connect to it as well.

How is the DG Coupler installed?

The DG Coupler connects to the DG with four wires and ground to get the information from the heading bug. It connects with two wires to the autopilot. If you already have a tracking source for your autopilot (VOR, LORAN, GPS receiver, etc.), you will have to add a switch so that you can choose among your sources. This switch needs to have 3 poles, as there are two signal wires that must be switched as well as one control wire that runs to the Navaid AP-1. The DG Coupler also needs a fused connection to 12 V power. DG Couplers for 24 V systems are not available at this time.

How big is it?

It is housed in a box that is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/8". It weighs under 3 oz. There is one 9-pin D connector. The mating connector is supplied with the Coupler.

Here's a link to the User/Installation manual and here 's a link to the Navaid AP-1 modification instructions. These can also be found on the file download page.

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