This is a list of Smart Coupler related files that can be downloaded

To copy a file to your local machine, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As...".
You will then be prompted for a file name and location.

scii_manual.pdf Smart Coupler II and Smart Coupler II User/Installation manual
GpsOrigManual.pdf New Original Smart Coupler User/Installation manual
metalboxman.pdf User/Installation manual for the first Smart Coupler housed in a metal enclosure
panelmt.pdf Instructions for installing a Smart Coupler with a panel mounted receiver, including the King SkyMap.
simNMEA6install.exe Version 6.0.1
Updated 3/1/06
Windows-based program to test and calibrate all Smart Couplers. This file is a windows installer. Download the file and run it to install the simNMEA6 utility. DOS-based program and files to to test and calibrate all Smart Couplers
TestFixture.pdf Schematic of fixture to connect PC with stand alone Smart Coupler. Use this fixture with either of the above test programs
AP1_Fixture.pdf Schematic of fixture to connect PC with Navaid Devices AP-1 wing-leveler with built-in Smart Coupler. Use this fixture with either of the above test programs
dg_manual.pdf DG Coupler User/Installation manual
NavaidOCR.pdf A PDF of the Navaid AP1 manual. This manual was scanned from a paper copy, then passed though a Optical Character Recogniser program. If (when) you find recognition errors please email the corrections to me so that I can correct the document. Rev3 4/25/08 200K bytes
NavaidOCR.doc This is the same manual as above but in Microsoft Word 2000 format. The same comments apply. Rev3 4/25/08 1.3M bytes
navaidmods.pdf Modification instructions for installing a DG Coupler with a Navaid AP-1 wing-leveler Zipped image of a fax of the schematic of the Navaid Servo.

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