Important note for Control Vision AnyWhere Map users

Control Vision released version 1.25a at the beginning of July, 2002. This version resolved several of the issures mentioned below. Specifically:

This means that the restrictions listed below are removed for customers running version 1.25a and later.

As of the date of this note (April 18th, 2002, AnyWhere Map version 1.2), Smart Coupler users who are using Control Vision AnyWhere Map software as the data source for their Smart Coupler must decouple the Smart Coupler from their autopilot any time the AnyWhere Map indicates that it has lost its GPS information.

Additionally, you must never couple the autopilot to the Smart Coupler in Course Mode (using waypoints) unless there is a red or green course line showing in the face of the AnyWhere Map screen. All Original and New Original Smart Couplers always work in Course Mode, so this means that for customers who have these Smart Couplers, you must never couple the autopilot to the AnyWhere Map unless the red course line is visible.

This only necessary with the AnyWhere Map. You will note that the GPS OK light and the mode select light will stay lit even though the AnyWhere Map indicates loss of GPS information on the screen. Even more importantly, the AnyWhere Map can signal a turn to the autopilot even though it is not navigating due to loss of GPS signal. You will also note that you can successfully select Course Mode on the Smart Coupler even though you have not told the AnyWhere Map to navigate to a waypoint.

With all other receivers, the Smart Coupler can sense when GPS information is lost and will turn off the GPS light, cancel any active mode and tell the autopilot to steer straight ahead. With all other receivers the Smart Coupler can also sense when the receiver is not actively navigating to a waypoint and will refuse to enter Course Mode.

Readers: Please help me to get this information to all AnyWhere Map/Smart Coupler users. Link to this page if you can. I will keep it up to date as conditions change.

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