Porcine Associates News

Navaid Devices quits business (4/23/08)

Navaid Devices, maker of the Navaid AP-1 autopilot, has closed up shop. Porcine Associates will continue to support Smart Couplers that are built into the head of the AP-1. I have posted a copy of the Navaid AP-1 manual here.

Problem with decoding aviation format discovered (4/25/04)

Customers who are using a Smart Coupler to decode aviation format data should return their couplers to Porcine Associates or Navaid Devices for a firmware upgrade. If your coupler is built in to a Navaid Devices AP-1 head, contact Navaid Devices. Otherwise contact Porcine Associates.

GPS receivers generate either NMEA or Aviation data. Aviation data is produced by all panel-mounted GPS receivers and optionally by King Skymap and older Magellan hand-helds. Aviation data is sometimes called "moving map data" or "ARGUS data". NMEA data is produced by the majority of hand-held receivers including all Garmin handhelds. NMEA data is not affected by this problem.

The symptom of this problem is that the Smart Coupler will work in course mode (using waypoints) or in heading mode, but not both. Which mode works is dependent on the particular receiver used. When the Smart Coupler is successfully decoding the data stream from the receiver the associated mode LED is lit. If the Smart Coupler flashes the LED a few times then turns it off, it means that the coupler either is not getting data or cannot understand the data from the receiver. If you are using aviation data and you can get a steady LED in either course mode or heading mode but not both, you are experiencing  this problem.

Mile per Gallon Meter (MPG meter) released (4/20/04)

Porcine Associates is proud to release the MPG meter. Now it is possible to have a small, inexpensive meter on your panel that gives you a continuous indication of efficiency over the ground. Take a look at the write-up here.

Garmin using NMEA V3.01

We have learned at Sun'n Fun this year that Garmin is moving to NMEA version 3.01. Smart Couplers have supported V3.01 since about June of 2003. If your coupler was manufactured before this time and you want to use it with a new Garmin receiver you can return it for a firmware upgrade. There is a small charge for this for couplers more than 2 years old. Contact Porcine Associates or Navaid Devices for details. So far I know that new Garmin 196 and 296 receivers use V3.01. As time goes on more and more receivers will switch from V2.x to V3.x.