Porcine Associates LLC Manufacturer of the GPS Smart Coupler and the DG Coupler

Porcine Associates LLC
244 O'Connor Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 326-2669 (800) 326-6272 fax (650) 326-1071

GPS Smart Coupler information

Mate your hand-held or panel mounted GPS receiver to your autopilot. Hold a heading or follow a GPS course. Fly straight to your destination!

DG Coupler information

Mate your DG with heading bug to your wing-leveler type autopilot. Fly a heading. No radios required!

MPG meter information

Instant miles per gallon display. A must have to know best economy.

Consulting Engineer and National Instruments alliance member

Specializing in data acquisition and real-time process control, and handles your National Instrument needs, too.

Quickie and Q200 drawing collection (ftp)